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"the boys i mean are not refined
they shake the mountains when they dance"

Hi there, my name is Hayley, and I'm a journalist. Eminem sings songs about me. This one time, I held a penguin. No big.

in spring of 2011, i went to Italy for a while. and lo, the great study abroad saga of florence, starring gelato, paninis, and some dude named michelangelo, was born.

now that I've graduated college, i'm fulfilling a high-school promise to myself to go work in a fishing village in the southern northern southern hemisphere that has no phones; you can now find me in ukraine samoa, stumbling my way through peace corps: take II with puletasi to spare. Wish me luck!

"Peace Corps: Take I" was my position with the TEFL program in Eastern Ukraine, starting in September of 2013 - you can read about my experiences and evacuation here. Слава Україні.

Disclaimer: I am using this blog to express my own personal opinions. It is not meant to represent the views of the Peace Corps or of the United States Government.


Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh